PK Travel Cake Experience

PK Travel Cake Experience

Excluding Sales Tax

Welcome to the PK Crew! Join my in Wisconsin for a PK traveling cake Experience.

I am not responsible for reselling your ticket if you cannot attend. Supplies and such for the weekend will not be accessible for pickup. You have to be in attendance to participate. This is a fun intimate learning experience for men and women, and ALL levels are welcome.


This class includes:


Fondant Application


Learning 3D structure

Design Aesthetic


Food options and such will be communicated prior to the event to those participating. The weekend includes your lunch and selected supplies.

Please keep in mind only 8 seats are available. No children allowed.


Class Times-

Thursday: 10am-5pm


Please bring the following:

Large rolling pin (no handles)

Small rolling pin

Two fondant smoothers



Turn table (optional)